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President Obama Or Clinton?

Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:26 pm

Bill's Back: Clinton commands stage at White House
In his element, Clinton startles West Wing in surprise appearance with Obama, backs tax deal

The former president came before surprised reporters to let it be known that he endorsed the tax deal that Obama cut with the Republican Party, even though many Democrats were raising a fuss about it.

That was the news. But it wasn't the story.

What had the West Wing buzzing was the scene itself: Clinton in his element, like he had never left. And almost like he wasn't going to leave this time.

For one remarkable half hour, Clinton turned a seemingly slow Friday afternoon into his stage.

Obama Ditches Tax Cut Presser, Bill Clinton Takes Control


How low will the teleprompter in Chief sink now? It seems the hope and change has morphed into run and hide.
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RE: President Obama Or Clinton?

Sun Dec 12, 2010 3:24 am

Sadly enough, I thought the best moment of that Q & A session was at 20:41 in this video. Mark from the press corps asks "Mr. President I get the feeling that you're happier to be here commenting and giving advice than governing", to which President Clinton's face turns red and in a cheeky way says "Oh I had quite a good time governing".

Without turning this into a flame war over Clinton and Obama, I will say that it puts in perspective how former presidents feel about their country. Clinton wasn't campaigning for anything, but the passion that he spoke with regarding the USA was palpable, he didn't need to defend himself. I may not agree with GWB, but I would imagine things will turn out the same way.
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