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Computer Problem...need Some Help

Mon May 30, 2011 9:00 am

A few days ago, my hard disc crashed. My datas could be saved, but the programs were lost. So I got me a new hard disc, and installed Windows, using the installation disc. It's XP, with SP2. The same, I had before the crash.

Until wednesday, I will only have an UMTS-stick, to connect to the net, the connection is rather slow. So it took plenty of time, to download some of the programs, I wanted to have. I don't know, if it's because of the slow connection, or if it's a failure from XP, that I can't install those programs.

Antivir wants to have at least Windows 2000 (great joke). iTunes wants to have at least XP with SP2 (which I have), and Skype can't find a library.

On the other hand, I had no problems, installing Open office.

Any advice, what to do?
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RE: Computer Problem...need Some Help

Mon May 30, 2011 7:30 pm

It sounds like your having trouble installing some of these programs your downloading over the WWAN. Wireless is never as reliable as a land line so I would guess there may be some data corruption in those files you downloaded. Is there any way for you to verify the file's integrity? If not maybe try to download the file again?

If you installed Windows from disc then it should be fine. As long as Windows didn't throw any errors during the install I would say your fine. Also you may want to copy the I386 folder from the install disc to your C: drive. That way when you install programs and it ask for the Windows disc you don't have to keep it in the CD-ROM, as all it does is reading the files from that folder, which will read faster if it's residing on your hard drive.

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