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IMF Carbon Tax BS

Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:08 pm

This makes no sense.

Placing a tax on the 23 countries that actually contribute to improving the lot of many developing nations yet gives a free pass to the robber baron countries like China, India, Russia.(and others)

It is high time the rape and pillage economies of those and other countries were treated like the environmental criminals they are and not like some famine ridden nomadic society they like to present to the world.


The same report also urged governments to remove subsidies for fossil fuels in the Annex II countries, which it said were worth about $US40 billion to $US60 billion a year in 2005-2010.

If one looks at the 23 Annex II countries...
$40-60B likely equals a rounding error and not really a significant part of the discussion.
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