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Unfortunate Gesture

Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:51 am

It's a pretty common thing for sports teams to have a trademark gesture or hand signal used by fans, players, and coaches, like "Guns Up" at Texas Tech or the Tomahawk Chop gesture and accompanying chant at Florida State and Atlanta Braves games. University of Oregon fans have the tradition of making an "O" sign with their hands, but that may be changing after some football players enrolled in an American Sign Language class:

We've learned this thanks to the fact that the majority of the football team's players are enrolled in the university's ASL class in order to fulfill their foreign language requirement. In total, 29 football players are in the class this year, and their professor reportedly "delights in telling them the true meaning of the sign when they form a spade-shaped 'O' with their hands." She says that in ASL, the motion itself is like "screaming" the word vagina.
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