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Can We Help This Man In Some Way?

Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:27 pm

Hi Folks. Probably some of you are aware of this, but I guess the majority don't.
As a summary, this is the story :

James Berisha is a Pilot, who started flying a small Cessna around the world, landing in every country he could, trying to gather support for the recognition as an independence state of his place of birth, Kosovo. He flew all over central and South America, and after a small pause he started a trip for the countries of Africa.

Here is the sad part, and I decided start this topic with the hope of finding someone who can help him :

He's being retained ( jailed ) in Eritrea, for unknown reasons. I read almost all his trip reports, and this man seems to be a good person... I can't believe his detention can be justified, and since September 5 he's alone in Eritrea.

Here's a link to his page.


Moderators, please take in account, I'm not asking for help to the cause of Kosovo's independence, I'm asking for help to this pilot who is basically kidnapped in Eritrea.

Thanks for reading.


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