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Christmas - The Fine Details.

Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:12 am

So, based on previous threads, we all know what everyone will be eating for Christmas dinner, and how they've decorated their homes. What I'm wondering is, how and when does Christmas start manifesting itself in your country.

When I was younger, the TV stations here in the UK would change to their Christmas idents on Christmas Eve and they would stick around till about the day after Boxing Day. This year it seems that the TV stations (including dear old "Auntie Beeb", ie, the BBC as well as ITV) are already in the Christmas spirit - ITV already has Santa dancing around the ITV logo between programmes, the BBC is all "festived up" and Christmas specials on all channels are in full force. I don't pay as much attention to Christmas TV offerings these days as I used to, but I do remember a few years ago the BBC announcing at midnight on Twelfth Night that as all Christmas decorations should now be safely put away till next year that they themselves would be turning off their festive offerings. A big change from when I was growing up and Christmas would quietly slip away unannounced once the turkey was no more than bones!

So, the question is, when does the festive season really kick in where you are, and when does it end?
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RE: Christmas - The Fine Details.

Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:46 am

Quoting BAViscount (Thread starter):
So, the question is, when does the festive season really kick in where you are, and when does it end?

Here in Denmark the Christmas starts somewhere between end of october mid-November   - which I think is WAAAAAAY to early - The Christmas/holiday season should first start at december 1st. No earlier than that.

The Holiday season ends at 25-27 december - personally i think it should end december 24. at midnight (december 25 at midnight when in the States - due to the fact that the kids get their presents in the morning)

and then we have the whole January where shops is offering to exchange/refund christmas gifts.

In short the christmas season here in Denmark is around 2 - 2½ months long! Twice the time it should be if you ask me!

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