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Springfield XDs .45

Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:21 pm

Anybody know anything more about this firearm?

A quick search really didn't reveal anything, nor did it reveal a ship date.

I currently carry an XD40 sub-compact, but the XDs could supplant the XD40, if the XDs is at a price point I can justify. This month's American Rifleman has a 'shown actual size' ad for the XDs and it really isn't all that different from the sub-compact. A little shorter, maybe .10" longer and a shade thinner. Not sure if I want to go from 9+1 to 5+1, but the .45 does have better knock-down than the .40.

Not sure about moving from a .40 to a .45. Haven't shot a .45 in 20 years. Guess it's time to head to the range and rent a small .45.

And please, don't turn this into a gun control thread. I'm just interested in this firearm and a comparison of the .45 vs. the .40. Thank you.
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