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Major Storms To Sock The Midwest This Weekend

Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:38 am

Well, I have to report to work at 6pm CDT tomorrow for a 12-hour shift, which will be spent in yon data center three floors below street level. So, if the storms get bad in downtown Minneapolis, at least I will be safe (which you'd think I'd have learned to value above all else; following my recent brush with street crime), but I will be mad if I do not get to enjoy an awesome thunderstorm!!

Minnemasota does not appear to be in the "red zone" at the moment, it looks like the NWS is saying the worst of it will be in Oklamahoma and Kansas. 70mph winds and baseball-sized hail!! Everybody stock up on canned goods, candles, drinking water, and...meh. You know. Stay safe.

As for me, I and my colleagues will be bravely troubleshooting mainframe batch abends.
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