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Like To Eat Squid? Not After This!

Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:15 am

A South Korean lady was recently reported as experiencing severe pain in her mouth after eating undercooked squid. The reason? Escaped squid sperm packets penetrating her tongue and mouth.

It's not the first case either. You really wouldn't want to give a squid a blow job:

The male stabs large sperm packets (spermatangia), each containing thousands or millions of sperm, into the female's arms like a hypodermic syringe. These long thin packets cement themselves to the arms and burrow into the flesh by using enzymes to dissolve it. They then remain there until such time as the female releases her big jelly ball of eggs, which she shapes into a ball with her arms. Sensing this, the sperm are released from their packets and burrow out and into the eggs, fertilising them.

When we were in Japan recently we watched a lady catch her own squid at the fish market in Hakodate, then eat it raw and still wriggling.

I've put some links and references here.
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