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Going To Tokyo Jul. 27-Aug. 9 - Meet?

Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:46 am

I will be in the Kanto plain for those two weeks doing meetings for school and potential employers and will have a LOT of time in the meantime. I'm wondering if any of you on here would like to go to an Izakaya in Shinjuku. I'll consult my pilot friends in Tokyo as well (I don't think they have memberships) to see if they would like to join. I know of one (¥3000 yen and all the alcohol you can drink AND an amazing meal) right by Kabukicho- just gotta avoid the Yakuza (they won't hurt us)

Anyway, Also: any news on the status on the Fukushima plant? A friend suggested to go up that way for a day for cleanup help or something.

Gonna be a good time in the land of the rising sun!

Anyone else have any good ideas of stuff to do in Tokyo? (I'm going to ignore anything from Superfly as I already know what he's gonna say    )
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