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2012 Democratic Convention - Charlotte

Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:48 pm

Tuesday is the beginning of the 3 day 2012 Democratic Party Convention, the political circus now going to Charlotte, NC. opened this thread to discuss the convention here.

I wish that Charlotte was not where this convention was to be held, mainly as it is in the city that is the HQ of several major banks, most notably the poster child of TBTF disaster, the Bank of America. In that context, any city other than Charlotte would have been a better choice. However, NC has a Democratic, woman Governer (Predue), is in excellent financial shape (AAA Bond rating) and overall better off economically than most states and has a relatively high percentage of Black voters and growing numbers

One situaiton that hurts the primetime network and other coverage of this Convention is on Wednesday night is the kickoff game of the NFL Season, with the SB winner Giants vs. Cowboys. That will distract from the Democrats the messages they want to get out. I wish the NFL would go back to the old days and start the season on Sunday afternoon with all the other games.

I wonder if there will be a 'Eastwood moment', a speech or presentation that get all the worng attention (of course, VP Biden could do that    ). Hopefully there will be ones that motivates voters to re-elect Obama but also cause him to make critical changes in his policies to deal with the real life issues of the majority of Ameicans not yet really dealt with - Jobs, mortgage debt, threats as to the Affordable Care Act, Educaiton, immigation and unnforuntally distracting issues like DOMA, Gay Marriage, Abortion, and some wild card stupid issue. I also hope they don't ignore the need to get out of Afganistan, keep out any war with Iran/Israel, the enviorment vs. energy issue and higher education funding. I think the Democrats would have been in better shape if they had done more bailouts of 'Main Street' instead of 'Wall Street'.

The Keynote will be by the Mayor of San Antonio, TX, tying to the immigration and other issues important to Hispanic voters the Democrats. Former President Clinton will speak (hopefully not too long, keep the hook handy). As well as a cross-section of liberal and moderates of the party.

Time to round up the donkeys!

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