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Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:03 am

It started, if I have not made a mixtake, with American Airlines introducing the first ever frequent flyer program in 1981.

As we all well know, all the airlines followed suit; and the car rental companies (Hertz #1 Gold, e.g.) and the hotel companies (Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, etc) all got in the game.

Then the supermarkets did it; there's that fakakta Safeway "Club" card or something.

And the drugstores; they've got the CVS ExtraCare card; the Rite-Aid Wellness plus...

Clothing! Eddie Bauer "Friends;" Columbia "Greater Rewards."

Restaurants: MyPanera, Qdoba Loyalty Program.

Now it seems convenience stores are in on the action... I happen to be in Jacksonville, Florida right now for work, and there seems to be a chain called "Flash Foods" - I was buying a snack after midnight; and I got asked where's my flash rewards card (which I hope is different from having to flash someone).

How many of these non-airline, non-hotel, non-car-rental loyalty programs do you actively participate in? Are any of them worth it?
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:13 am

I've been with American for years - and am just under 3 million miles. Hitting 2 million made me Platinum for life, which is very nice.

I moved to a British Airways credit card some years back as they have a better deal for me.

I have a new Walgreens loyalty card - it's close and easy.

And, at the top of the list, I have a LEGO VIP card - because I have an 8 year old grandson. That's the best.
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:29 am

Boy they're everywhere now. I actively use:
Amtrak Guest rewards
Dick's Sporting Goods
American Eagle All Access Pass
Autozone Rewards
Starbucks Gold Card
Loaf and Jug reward card, It's great, didn't cost a dime, I save 5 cents a gallon on gas and every tenth cup of coffee is free. Great for early classes!
Qdoba, I get every 10th burrito free. Love that place.
For airlines though Delta Skymiles is my most used by far, followed by Southwest Rapid Reward's.
As much as it is a pain to have a bunch of cards it's nice to be able to save some money here and there. Especially as a college student where I'm not exactly loaded.
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:35 am

AAdvantage - Hope to reach Platinum next year and Executive Platinum after I graduate
Hertz Gold
Costco Executive Cash Rewards Card
Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum (Canadian equivalent of Walgreens, CVS etc)
Esso Extra (Exxon's Int'l brand)
RBC Rewards
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:01 am

Excluding travel related programs such as Hertz, Hilton, ect. I really only use two on a regular basis. First is CVS/Caremark since it's just down the street and it's where my prescriptions go. Second is Qdoba... they have one close to home and work and I can't seem to get enough of their naked burritos. I have things like Best Buy Reward Zone, Target Red Debit, Smiths/Kroger, local froyo, and a few local restaurants but I never seem to have the cards when I'm there.  
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:30 am

Inasmuch as we buy about 3/4 of our groceries at Kroger's, I naturally have a Kroger's card; it not only saves me 10 or 15% on my groceries, but it also saves me anywhere from 10 cents, to 30 cents a gallon on my gasoline and diesel fuel. I wouldn't be without it !

Harbor Freight; "Inside Track Card"; costs me $30 a year; the day I first bought it, it saved me over $40 ! ( a "no brainer" for sure !)

Panera Bread ? They have a "card" too ? Better clue Miss Arlie in on that ! (She has to stop at Panera every time we go to Terre Haute !

I don't have a "frequent flyer" card though; ( she flies "non-rev" anytime she wants, and I get a "buddy pass" anytime I need one; ) Now, if only we didn't have to go "stand-by" !

While you're on the subject of "cards"...............remember "Green Stamps" ? Lol ! I used to HATE those suckers !
Oddly enough...........when good old "Generous Motors" decided to close the Camaro / Firebird assembly plant I worked out of in Norwood, Ohio, because I'm such a "great guy", (and because I ran my butt off and seldom tore any of GM's cars up, hauling them, my boss, (the famous J.R. Okapaw), got on the horn with his buddy, Eddie Black, (who was the Terminal Manager at Ryder's rail yard in Jacksonville, Fla. and got me a "job" (until they started hiring again in Moraine, (70 miles north of Norwood)

When I got to Jacksonville, Eddie Black introduced himself. and explained this "bizarre gimmick" he had "going".............every time you hauled a load out of Jacksonville, when you returned and turned in all your paperwork, if every unit you delivered was "clean" (no scratches, no dents, no problems), yo were "rewarded" with.................500 Green Stamps ! ( I have to laugh, just thinking about it !) Anyway, I worked out of Jacksonville for 6 months, got "greenies" for EVERY load I hauled, ( and I hauled a LOT of loads ! ( usually two loads a day to the rent-a-car outfits at Orlando airport ) (commonly referred to as "Mickey Mouse")

When I finally quit to go to Moraine, I had a damn truck load of green stamps !

Airstud............where did I see that you're IN Jacksonville ?

Here's a VERY unusual bit of "trivia", regarding Jacksonville, (my all time, least-favorite city in all of the Sunshine State !)

During the six months I worked out of Jax, I used to stay occasionally at a Holiday Inn, just up the street from the rail yard; they had a part-time "security guy" who was a Jacksonville cop; I got to be kinda "buddies" with him, and here's the "story".....

As you may (or may not) know, Jacksonville is HUGE ! Matter of fact, it "takes in" ALL of Duval County; (which is about 24 miles on all four sides ) so we're talking about about over 500 square miles of total area ! And all the cops have to live "inside" the county; Now........Duval County has a "crime rate" about like the border areas in south Texas; ( BAD, BAD, BAD)!

Also, the county is always "broke".....short on "funds"; so........when a cop is assigned a car, he is only "allowed" to put 1,500 miles on it in a given week; ( usually, because you may have to drive 40 miles to answer a call ), every cop "runs out of miles" about the second or third day of each week ! Now......get this......if he "goes over" his 1,500 miles, he NO LONGER gets to drive his car home from work ! (Has to leave it at the "cop shop" in town, and drive his OWN car home) ! (or hitch-hike ! )

When this guy is telling me all this, I'm thinking..........damn, I see HUNDREDS of cops running every which way, all night long; ALWAYS going like a "bat out of hell"............(but NEVER stopping, never giving anyone a ticket) I ask him....."WTF?"

He: they're ALL answering a call ! and they ALL have their speedometers "un-hooked" (after about Tuesday), so as to NOT go over their 1,500 mile limit ! So unless the "signal" they're responding to is "shots fired", or "perps raping a school bus load of Girl Scouts", they can't "afford" to stop !

This was all about 1985 or so; hell, they may all be riding motor scooters by now ! (also, Jacksonville is the 2nd biggest city (in area), only behind Oklahoma City, which is even bigger )

If you're there, (more than 5 minutes), you'll KNOW why I didn't like it !

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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:15 pm

Here we go, from the UK:

Tesco (supermarket chain) Clubcard (earn points on stuff you buy and you get sent vouchers based on what you buy etc)
Morrison's Fuel Miles card thing (again, another supermarket chain but that's just for fuel, marginally cheaper to fill up there than other places, not sure how it works other than I hand it over everytime I pay)

Starbucks Card, except over here when you reach "Gold" status you don't get a gold card, but do get little things free (I think free shots of coffee or something like that, a friend has reached Gold)

other than that, I'm a BA Exec Club card holder (I'm only Blue, my dad is a Gold after the BD acquisition since he was a BD gold). I know over here there's many loyalty schemes, so many to choose from you end up with a wallet full of plastic cards! Nandos has one I think, my local Krispy Kreme (only just opened, lucky to have one local to me) has a 5 or 6 stamp and you get a free coffee/doughnut thing or something like that (I don't go in that often).
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:59 pm

Quoting Geezer (Reply 5):
Inasmuch as we buy about 3/4 of our groceries at Kroger's, I naturally have a Kroger's card; it not only saves me 10 or 15% on my groceries, but it also saves me anywhere from 10 cents, to 30 cents a gallon on my gasoline and diesel fuel. I wouldn't be without it !

I do almost all of our grocery shopping at Smith's (the Kroger chain in my neck of the woods). Thats the one I use the most. You can also add coupons online through their website (the coupons aren't the greatest) and they send a pack of customized coupons every few months in the mail. And it is scary how much they know about what we buy with what they send in the coupon books. Plus the gas discount is nice.

Otherwise my next most used card is the PetSmart PetPerks card (I do wish they had a similar deal that Smith's does with coupons and other discounts). The cats eat a lot and poop a lot -- which means regular trips for chow and litter. I have one for Staples and Petco too.
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:35 pm

Quoting Geezer (Reply 5):
While you're on the subject of "cards"...............remember "Green Stamps" ? Lol ! I used to HATE those suckers !

LOL! I certainly remember them - my mother would collect them in a drawer and periodically paste them into a book. And we still have two pretty nice lamps in our living room - 50 years after they were picked out at the Green Stamp store, Multiple shades over the years, but they are still looking good.
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:15 pm

The only non travel one that I'm a member of is Starbucks Rewards; I'm Gold. Naturally, I'm a member of several travels ones--AAdvantage, Mileage Plus, Amtrak Guest Rewards, etc.
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:51 pm

As well as BA Executive Club, Flying Blue, and Miles and More (no status on any), I also have:

Tesco Clubcard - I use my points to convert to Avios
Nectar - mainly used in Sainsbury supermarkets and petrol stations. Last time I used my points to buy an Easyjet flight.
McDonalds - free hot drink stamps on cups.
Nandos - free chicken stamps with meals there
Hilton - lowly status, but likely to rise as it's my company's preferred hotel chain
Accor - almost no points, but convert them to Avios anyway
Subway - very few points
Boots (chemist) - some points, though I rarely shop there.

Overall, I'll take out most loyalty cards, but won't let it force me into buying from one particular chain.

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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:17 pm

Very popular over here:

Brown Thomas (Up market Irish Dept store) I buy my Nespresso capsules there and other items. I get vouchers and promotions that can be quite useful plus exclusive invites to events.

Walgreens- I use this when I do a bulk shop on visits to the USA. Have saved lots in money off coupons.

Tesco Ireland - I collect points which can be taken off my electricity bill.

Sainsbury's Nectar card - I shop a lot in the UK and earn points for various things which I can then redeem off my shopping.

Starbucks - Self explanatory . Swipe the card at the counter deducts my balance and earns points/stars. Love the fact it's now in Passbook on my iPhone.

I try not to get these cards unless they really are of regular use and offer decent benefits. If you had every card offered it would be crazy to carry around.
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:39 am

Don't forget with all kinds of 'loyalty' programs, certain demographic information is collected to set prices, target you for coupons and ad flyers or web ads and e-mals, get you to buy more of things you tend to buy more. Some may be more intrusive from getting income, age, gender or other info sold to marketers.

Still, I have seveal of them. One is for a regional casual clothing store (Bob's) where I get a $10 certificate for every $300 I buy but also get 3 $10 certificates every year. I have them for 3 local grocery stores (A&P, ShopRite, Pathmark), CVS, a regional liquor store, IKEA, Staples and Hallmark cards. Using them all plus have 2 credit cards with % back helps stetch my spending by several $100's a year.
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RE: Non-travel Loyalty Programs

Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:45 pm

I used to have a Starbucks Gold card, both the card and on the app, but I've been good on not really stopping by Starbucks for a coffee or a tea fix, so I have been bumped back down to Green. Oh well.

Other I have include:

Sephora - I let my mom or cousins use it since they didn't want to sign up. They've benefited getting some great coupons and free stuff.

Hard Rock - I only signed up for it because of my t-shirt collection. It's given me discounts on non-participating stores as well as given me free stuff just because I reached a certain dollar value.

DSW - Same as Sephora.

Walgreens - I just recently added it because of Passbook.

Freebirds - It's similar to Qdoba, and I like the food at Freebirds better than when I tried it in Seattle. Plus Freebirds is a Texas thing with stores opening up in CA. I can redeem for the monster burrito or get one of their novelty t-shirts.

Amy's Ice Cream - It's another Texas thing. It's more a stamp card that can get you free ice cream or even a free novelty t-shirt.

Saks Off 5th - Similar to Sephora and DSW but for the "outlet" branch of Saks.
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