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Post-Sandy Transit Bus Substitution

Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:26 pm

I know we have a large group of bus transit enthusiests on here and surprised this hasn't been discussed on here yet. Both SEPTA and DART (Philadelphias and Delawares transit authorities, respectfully) have loaned some of their bus fleet to NJ Transit for commuting operations into NYC. Those with interest in the area may be able to catch a few of these!

Courtesy of SEPTA:

Courtesy of
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RE: Post-Sandy Transit Bus Substitution

Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:26 am

I seems that most of the North American bus enthusiasts are perched over here on the West Coast. It's quite possible nobody knew about this so thanks for giving us the head's up!

That is really cool- I know that in the past we have "dry leased" transit buses from over the border in Bellingham and even from the Seattle area, if my memory serves me correctly. But these buses are "lent". I wonder if the drivers who shuttled them to NJ are also staying with them to supplement the man/lady-power to drive them...

At any rate, it's good to see inter-authority and inter-state co-operation in this stressful time.

Plus, I imagine it's cool to see the different liveries doing routes they were never imagined ever to do.

Thanks again for the head's up!

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