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NATO Serbian Ambassador Commits Suicide

Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:12 pm

Serbian Ambassador to NATO Commits Suicide at Brussels Airport

He is said to have jumped from a multi-storey parking lot building.

Brussels. Head of Mission of Serbia to NATO, H.E. Mr. Branislav Milinkovic, committed a suicide at the airport in Brussels, Serbian B92 Radio reported.
Milinkovic killed himself by jumping from the parking lot of the airport in the Belgian capital city, in front of the eyes of Zoran Vujic, Assistant Foreign Minister for Security Policy in Serbia.
The motives of the suicide remain unclear.

Serbian media reports say Milinkovic jumped from a multistory building, adding that he killed himself in front of a senior Serbian Foreign Ministry official.


Survived by wife and six-year-old child.

RIP Ambassador Minkovic
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NATO Serbian Ambassador Commits Suicide

Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:24 pm

Suicide?? Really??

Read the comments on this article...


Maybe this was exactly the reason why he took his life: to save his family. Some radical, pro-Milosevic nationalists probably hated him for his anti-war activities and for representing his country in NATO. In their eyes he committed treason - and he may well have received terrible treaths against his family unless he commits suicide.
Serbian nationals who are now in power don't like NATO. They are against NATO because it bombed Serbia under Milosevic. This ambassador was against Milosevic and is part of NATO. He picks up a delegation of 6 officials, and the ambassador was with his colleaques when he inexplicably "jumps" off the building.
Serbia has a long (and recent) history of treating human life as contingent to nationalist ideology. NATO has had a big role in this recent and bloody history. Serbia want to join EU. The delegation arrives in Brussels. My guess is, other explanations aside, he knew damaging stuff about current figures in the country and was pushing for Serbia to come clean on it as part of EU entry. Others had different ideas...

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