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Loosing Kids On Flights And Such

Tue Aug 07, 2001 2:44 pm

Yes, this is a continuation of the earlier post but it's slipped on by already so I fig'd I'd just start a new post rather than replant the old one...

My mother flies all over the world, to many a foreign country. My dad does computer work in Belgium. My sister goes to college in Florida. My grandparents live in Ohio and Arizona and my closest uncle in Montana. My family, however, lives in Chicago. We're always on the go, always on planes going somewhere and usually not together. When I was 7 years old I went on my first solo flight and didn't have the faintest clue what I was doing, nor did I care. If I'd've ended up on the wrong flight, sooner or later someone would have wondered what was afoot. In fact, someone did. I did end up on the wrong flight and rather than going to New Mexico, where my grandparents lived before Arizona, I ended up actually in Arizona. And y'know what - it was on America West. Wow! Guess what... I didn't cry, my parents didn't call it an "ordeal", and no one died. There are tens of thousands of flights each day, hundreds or thousands from any given megahub, and thousands upon thousands of people streaming in and out. To loose two kids is practically inevitable. What I don't understand is why someone wasted ink making this a newspaper article?
My grandparents noticed I wasn't at the airport and called my parents to see if I'd gotten on the plane. Somwhere in between there was a missing link. In the mean time, I didn't know New Mexico from Arizona, so I just sat there at the gate waiting for someone to show up. By and by someone did and asked what I was waiting for, I said my grandparents and they said okay and went away. That happened about four times and by the fourth time one of them (airline employee) had the sense to look at my ticket and say "oh, you're at the wrong airport". Two phone calls and a free flight later I was where I belonged. If parents are going to send their kids alone on flights, they need to accept that maybe their kids will be in the wrong metal tube. Yes, if the plane crashes, then there's reason to greive. My parents aren't the worrying sort, and neither am I. I personally am quite fond of America West and simply do not think it worth an online headline to suggest the obvious - 2 people, out of millions per day, just TWO people, got on the wrong plane. If you ask me, those are some darn good odds!