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Registration Numbers?

Sun Jun 20, 1999 2:58 am

Hi. I have a quick question. I see airlines which start out with a small fleet, such as WestPAC, and start number at say 900 (i.e. N901WP). Why do they do this? Is there any perticular order airlines do there registration numbers?
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RE: Registration Numbers?

Sun Jun 20, 1999 3:42 am

no, not really. Each airline has its own system. CO uses straight numbers whenever possibe. ex N77303. The first 2 no's are not important, but the final three designate the aircraft, for CO, 3=737-300, and the ship no(03). Sometimes, numbers simply run out and have to be reused. AA's 767 registrations were once crried by their DC-7s. Today, AA's 757 fleet now numbers more than 100, so 601-699 are used, and then 181-184. The MD80 fleet covers the 200s,400s, and 500s!