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The Only Braniff DC-9

Thu Aug 09, 2001 8:23 pm

What's the story with this aircraft? Why did Braniff operate just a single example? Where? When? Any info appreciated.

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Photo © Frank Schaefer

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RE: The Only Braniff DC-9

Thu Aug 09, 2001 10:25 pm

Very interesting picture. I didn't know BN ever had a DC-9.

Two things I noticed, which may be of some significance: First, the paint scheme is the one BN had just before they went under. It replaced the other (and in my opinion, better) pastel scheme. Second, the registration number ends with "EA". I presume this means BN bought or leased it from Eastern.

Could this have been for the corporate executives to use on their trips? Or could one of the susequent "Braniff" companies have used this? I remember being at MCI one day on BN 2 or 3 and seeing a hodgepodge of aircraft in various schemes, some from the original Braniff.

I flew BN quite a bit out of DFW, and I don't recall ever seeing a BN DC-9.

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RE: The Only Braniff DC-9

Thu Aug 09, 2001 10:31 pm

N931EA is the 5th DC-9 built.

Originally flying with Delta,it has seen service with many smaller,less-known operators.

In 1991-92,it served with one of the unsuccessful attempts at re-starting Braniff.
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RE: The Only Braniff DC-9

Thu Aug 09, 2001 10:52 pm

Short lived [third?] reincarnation of Braniff. Think the DC-9 was leased from Emerald Air, not Eastern. I saw the aircraft both in Miami and then later stored in Tucson.