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New DL Terminal In BOS

Thu Aug 09, 2001 9:17 pm

Is there anywhere on the web that we can see drawings or renderings of what this new terminal will look like? DL is spending nearly half a billion dollars of their own money on this new dedicated terminal, which will feature a big satellite with underground walkway...something the likes of which we've never had here at BOS.

Also, for people in the know about Boston: United several years ago (with much fanfare I might add) said that their major BOS terminal overhaul/expansion--which is now recently completed--would allow for 777s.

Well??? I think the only UA 777s at BOS have been European diversions.
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RE: New DL Terminal In BOS

Thu Aug 09, 2001 9:39 pm

I found a few pics at Sorry I can't post the actual pics, I don't know how to.

As for UA, I don't know how their loads are on LHR-BOS, but if they are high, maybe they'll bump us up?

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RE: New DL Terminal In BOS

Fri Aug 10, 2001 3:11 am

ChrisNH, I think if there's one constant in airline service, its change. When UA started their remodel, they may very well have planned on sticking the 777 on the BOSLHR route, but in today's environment, they're happy w/ the 767. Who knows, in five years they may be flying a the A380 (fantasy on my part, I know, but hey, a guy can dream)! Plus, from a marketing perspective, how would it have sounded if they said, "and the new terminal will be able to handle the 3rd largest aircraft in our fleet!"  Insane

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