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Aircraft Ptvs

Fri Aug 10, 2001 8:08 am

Personal TVs are becoming increasingly common nowadays, esp on long haul flights, but the quality of the programming seems to vary considerably from airline to airline. So I thought it would be interesting to see which airline in your opinion provides the best audio/visual inflight entertainment?

I think my vote would go to Emirates, for several reasons.
1) they have a huge selection of audio and video channels, 2) the screens themselves are large, 3) they offer the latest movies and programs, 4) they change the programming frequently, 5) they offer programs in an incredible number of languages, and 6) I absolutely LOVE the forward and downward looking video cameras, esp during take off and landing. I think that's enough reasons! I fly most frequently with British Airways, and their system is not bad, but pales in comparison. The offerings are few, and if you fly often enough, you run out of things to watch.

Your vote goes to........
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RE: Aircraft Ptvs

Fri Aug 10, 2001 8:16 am

jetBlue---Free, 20 channel live DirecTV PTVs for every passenger
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RE: Aircraft Ptvs

Fri Aug 10, 2001 8:25 am

I guess I have to say the Passport System on the US Airways A330s is the best I've experienced. The ability to start the movie whenever you want and pause, ff, rew, and stop it very nice. It let's you watch the movies at your own pace. If you start one that you don't like, you can stop it and start watching another right away.
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RE: Aircraft Ptvs

Fri Aug 10, 2001 9:28 am

US Airways P@ssport is great as well
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RE: Aircraft Ptvs

Fri Aug 10, 2001 9:38 am

jetBlue's LiveTV is my favourite, because, well, it's live, plus, it's available on every flight, no matter how short, the programming starts once you leave the terminal (before take-off). The TV's themselves and the controls are not the best, but nothing to complain about. I also like AA's PTVs. Never have tried USAir's P@ssport, though. Sounds great.
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RE: Aircraft Ptvs

Fri Aug 10, 2001 10:50 pm

I personally think Singapore Airlines Krisworld is up there too. Especially with all those games...

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