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Smaller "Demi Hubs"

Sat Aug 11, 2001 5:24 am

EVery airline it seems has a hub that they don't fly many flights to, or not as much as any other hub.

For CO it is CLE.

For DL it is SLC.

For AA it is San Juan.

Why don't these airlines drop these hubs? Thanks!

RE: Smaller "Demi Hubs"

Sat Aug 11, 2001 6:40 am

I live near CLE and fly in and out of there all the seems to me that CO flies many flights in and out, at least for CLE, but nothing bigger than a 757. they've also invested a lot of money renovating their terminal and built another terminal. i don't know the details, but that's just what i've seen over the years.......
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RE: Smaller "Demi Hubs"

Sat Aug 11, 2001 6:51 am

These tend to be regional hubs, for example Delta's hubs are ATL CVG JFK SLC DFW. Notice Three hubs in the eastern time zone. SLC is delta's westernmost hub operation. Geographically it makes sense for the people traveling within/between Idaho/Montana/Washington/Oregon/Nevada/Colorado, and since it can have feeders from there it is more economical to have it as a hub then to have redundant service from cvg/atl/jfk to boi, bil, btm etc.
Same situation for AA at SJU.
Continental probably has cleveland as a hub becuase Air traffic in the New York/Newark area is ridiculously high, so all the small, regional feeder is put into cleveland, where they can shuttle their passengers to EWR and on to the world. IAH is a good hub for them.
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RE: Smaller

Sun Aug 12, 2001 12:25 am

MEM has been a "demi hub" for Northwest since acquiring it along with Republic in 1986. (RC had inherited its MEM hub from Southern in 1979). My guess for the reason behind the status of MEM as a lesser hub for NW compared to MSP and DTW is that the larger Northern hub cities generate higher levels of origin and destination (O & D) traffic.

From browsing through "World Traveller" while flying with Northwest, visiting, and keeping up with NW timetables, I have noticed over the past year or so that Northwest has substantially increased its departures from MEM since last summer -- and has duly promoted its growth at MEM. Besides several new destinations being added to NW's MEM hub, frequencies to many existing points served from MEM have increased from 3 times daily to 4 times.

Northwest's growth at MEM over the past year is IMO (and from what I observe when flying to/from MSP) more about having room to grow at MEM than any other consideration. MSP and DTW appear to be "maxed out" or very nearly so during NW "push" times, precluding the possibility of significant manageable expansion of NW hub operations at its "Big Two".