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Ship or plane captains ?

Tue Dec 01, 1998 6:08 am

Merchant marine officers have to study four years to begin as a third officer onboard ships.
They have the huge responsibility to navigate,control the vessel in all circumstances, and have to deal with unmarked hazards, drift from current, drift from wind, and onboard tankers, they are controlling a bomb as powerfull as the one that fell on Hiroshima....
Pilots have a pay much higher than their seagoing collegues, for doing less.
Who should earn the most do you think?

Tino(A330), who is a student at the Maritime Academy Belgium, as well as a pilot (Sabena Aeroclub)

RE: Ship or plane captains ?

Tue Dec 01, 1998 9:14 am

Interesting question there, Tino. Funny that, but pilots have also some responsibility; they have to navigate, control the aircraft in all circumstances, deal with weather hazards, drift from winds (eg x-winds), and they too are controlling a bomb that is quite powerful (if it were to hit the ground).

My point is that pilots don't nessesary do less. Remember too that everything happens at a much greater speed and that you can't just stop the plane and think it over.

I am not at all saying though that maritime officers have it easyer but it is a different ball game than flying, neither one is probably easyer or more difficult than the other one. So in that case I do agree with you that it's unfair that pilots get paid more for a job that brings with it the same workload.

If it's money you're after I suggest starting a flying career....(except that you would heve to pay for your own flight training first). Anyway, good luck with the high seas.