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Morris Air

Mon Jun 21, 1999 4:15 am

I'm looking for any information on Morris Air. Where did they fly out of, and where did they fly to? How much did SW buy them for? Any info about them will help!

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RE: Morris Air

Mon Jun 21, 1999 6:38 am

I'd have to dig out an old timetable to give an accurate answer, but the hub was Salt Lake City and they flew to Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, Laughlin, Boise, Seattle, and several cities in California. I don't know how much Southwest purchased them for, but if you look at a Southwest route map, pretty much everything that is out of Salt Lake City was Morris Air. I don't believe Southwest flew to SLC before the Morris acquisition. Also, Morris did public charters to Mexico and Alaska and dabbled in tours of Hawaii, but they used another companies planes for the Hawaii service. I don't know what Southwest paid for them.

RE: Morris Air

Tue Jun 22, 1999 2:18 am

I remember they also flew to Spokane in eastern Washington. Sorry I don't have more information, I just remember this much.
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RE: Morris Air

Tue Jun 22, 1999 4:40 am

They also flew to Orange County. The guy who
started the airline is the guy who is starting
the new airline in New York called "New Air".
It starts service next year and he want's to
get back at Southworst. I think their going to
use A320's or 737700's.