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UA 744s With E+ (SFO/NRT/SIN)

Tue Aug 14, 2001 5:26 am

I'm looking to book a EWR-SIN mileage run on UA. Since I don't (yet) have any SWU's, I'll be doing this in Economy. However, since I am a basic Premier, I should be eligible for E+ seating on those a/c that have it. I'll be on a 757 or 320 between EWR and SFO - no problem there.

Question is: how can I improve the odds of getting one of the UA 744s that have been converted to E+ on the SFO-NRT and NRT-SIN segments? I've been told that united.com isn't a reliable source. I've also heard that there are something like 13 744s that haven't been converted - these are the a/c I'm trying to avoid. Are there certain flights that consistently fly the converted a/c? (I know that anything can happen with equipement at the last minute, I'm really just interested in increasing the odds in my favor)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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RE: UA 744s With E+ (SFO/NRT/SIN)

Tue Aug 14, 2001 6:04 am

If any of your pacific flights are on a 777 then they will not have economy plus. I belive that the NRT-SIN route is on a 777 but i am not 100% sure. All long range 777's do not have E+ and will not have them. Most likely the 747's with E+ will be operating the Atlantic runs.

hope that helps
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RE: UA 744s With E+ (SFO/NRT/SIN)

Tue Aug 14, 2001 6:45 am

Actually, most of the 777s have economy plus. There are a few that still do not have them, but slowly, the 777 fleet is getting econ plus.

Most of the 744s are going through economy plus. Chances are that you'll get on a 744 with econ +. If not, book an exit row.

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Tue Aug 14, 2001 10:39 am

Okay alot of people do not seem to understand this so i will repeat myself again.

United has 5 777 configurations.

Nose number's 21XX, 24XX, 26XX, 27XX, 28XX

777-200 domestic two class

777-200A international (21XX) (this is the shorter range 777-200) All of these planes will have United First suites, Business Plus, and Economy Plus. These planes run ORD-LHR, JFK-LHR

777-200B International (24XX) (this is the long range variant of the 777-200) All of these planes have United first suites and NO business plus or economy plus. These aircraft are not schedualed to receive economy plus.
These planes run LAX-LHR, SFO-LHR, CDG-LAX/SFO, ORD-South America, JFK-South America

777-200B International (27XX) (this is the long range variant with altered Cabin crew rest accomadations.) This plane has 12 United first suites, 49 business seats, and 216 economy. The crew rest from the pilot is 3A, while for the cabin crew they have a LDCR facility that you can reach from door three. There is one less lavatory on this aircraft

777-200B International(28XX) (this is the long range variant with altered flight and cabin crew rest accomadations.) There are only 10 united first suites on these aircraft, 49 business, and 216 economy. seats 1E/F were removed and replaced with a lavatory. The lavatory and storage compartment located before door 1 has been replaced with two cockpit crew rest bunks. The cabin crew has the LDCR accomodations.

777-200 A domestic (26XX) is a two class aircraft with no crew rest.

I do not know why united doesnt post all of the 777 configurations in the timetables or online.

Hope this helps