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Very Inspiring Articles

Tue Aug 14, 2001 12:14 pm

I found this off of the jetcareers.com board:



Simple, yet profoundly inspiring.

PS: May I humbly suggest, the veteran pilots who complain about the low quality of the questions being asked on this forum and tech/ops should especially read the links and think hard...

RE: Very Inspiring Articles

Wed Aug 15, 2001 4:08 am

Very nice article. Profoundly inspiring. I could almost put myself in the kid's shoes since I've had those desires when I was young myself! Too bad kids nowadays are forced to grow up fast....
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RE: Very Inspiring Articles

Wed Aug 15, 2001 9:56 am

The article reminds me of myself. Whenever I go to an airport, I am like a kid in a candystore. For some reason I suddenly have an endless amount of energy to walk all around the terminals to stare out of windows to look at the activity outside. I would love to learn how to fly, but my parents are too concerned about the cost and time issues about it.
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RE: Very Inspiring Articles

Wed Aug 15, 2001 3:39 pm

"""Be cautious of the "ab initio" programs that dress their students in psuedo-airline-pilot uniforms, for too many of them teach only to the minimum regulations and only what they perceive you need to know to get a job with an airline. They have a reputation for turning out airplane drivers instead of pilots. And never, ever forget that, historically, the most derogatory term extant for a pilot is to be called an airplane driver. It says to the world that such a person is incapable of truly flying an airplane, only of robotically operating the machinery, sloppily herding it from one place to another without any élan or panache whatsoever. Promise yourself right now that you will take pride in the world of flight and never sink to the depth of driving an airplane through the sky."""

I liked that paragraph I included. Whenever I talk to a brand new pilot, I always try to let them know they should take pride in their flying and what they can do. That is very important! I believe it is one thing that helps keep aviation a very special and different 'lifestyle'. I hope more then anything the Aviation Fraternity always exists in its fullest.

Remember that....