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KLM And Its European Fleet

Tue Aug 14, 2001 5:39 pm

KLM is now getting about 20 (?) 737NG aircraft delivered from Boeing.
Does this mean that the 737-300 and the 737-400 will all be gone in a while ?

And I have heard or read somewhere (it might even have been here), that KLC wants some more F100/F70's ? Is this true ?
If so, where will they get them from ?
How about the F50 ? Will they stay ?

Thanks in advance for the responses.

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RE: KLM And Its European Fleet

Tue Aug 14, 2001 6:19 pm

I read somewhere a while ago that KLM is going to get 2 more F-70 aircraft. I do not know exactly wher I read it, but I thaught it was from an official press release.

I guess KLM needs a few more smaller aircraft now that their alliance with Eurowings is ended. Now KLM needs aircraft to fly the routes it takes over from this alliance, although a few routes to Germany where dropped.

It is true that KLM is slowly raplacing B-737-300 and -400 aircraft with B-737NG aircraft.