I'm New!

Tue Jun 22, 1999 8:52 pm


My name is sarah and known Tony at school, he introduced me to this forum, and in fact, I'll be living with his family until my parents come back from their vocation! So here i am at tony's place, right on his computer at this very moment while he takes a bog.

I'm interested in aviation, donna why but just do.
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RE: I'm New!

Tue Jun 22, 1999 9:10 pm

Hey AussieChick, I'm AussieGeezer living in London. Welcome to the forum, fave airline, aircraft type please? And are you going to make a career in aviation? Cool to have some nice girlies in the forum so hopefully you'll stick around. See ya later!
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RE: I'm New!

Tue Jun 22, 1999 10:14 pm

Welcome to the Forum! Now Hope you can find the Chatroom.

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We Call Him 777rules Around Here

Tue Jun 22, 1999 10:40 pm

Hi Aussiechick - we call Tony 777rules around here - although i belive that may very soon change to A340rules, lol. You have my warmest welcome, from tropical North Queensland.
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RE: I'm New!

Wed Jun 23, 1999 12:47 am

Hi, and a warm welcome from the person who is probably the oldest on the forum - 52. I plan on visiting Melbourne next spring. I've been interested in aviation since 1957. Stick around.

Bob Bradley
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RE: I'm New!

Wed Jun 23, 1999 2:18 am

Welcome, I hope you like this forum and Stay here a long time!