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SIA Launches SkyCatering

Sun Aug 19, 2001 6:41 am

(Warning, this post could be uninteresting for you. If you are not interested, please do not post. Thank you.)

From I apologise for the poor Mandarin - English translation.
Special correspondent |E ai AE/ Singapore 18 day special dispatch

the Singapore Airlines of sector upgrades footstep continuous changes and improvements, this year new ?a 3A out, the all new aA kitchen will soon open formally in October, locate the around the directions service center of black stanza on the road also just open, separately, the every locality V.I.P room will refit continuously, provide the traveller convenient, the air service of dignity and honor.

Though under world economic prosperity the ±’ connect to take to affect a freight transportation to carry measure, October of last year since then the world guest freight transportation mete out now negative growth, new ¯e developments, invest and put in motion however ·U enlargement handwriting, new ¯e north ‥E high class depputy governor Huang set up the μO to point out, new ¯e last year the clean ?O accept the amount of money to new currency of 90 hundred millionses, than the year before last number have slightly to drop, however, the new ¯e adopt the " put forth new ideas" market strategy, in answer of overcast economic prosperity, through equipments and service upgrades, promote the market competitiveness.

August since then the new ¯e launch the KrisWorld entertainment system of new generation continuously, all new chair SpaceBed of μU |o ?h business cabin, the all new aA kitchen try the line operation to be open for use in last July, October 10 will open formally, this cost 2 hundred millionses 1 ten million the new the in the air that currency build kitchen, a day will can supply 4 ten thousand 5 thousand mealseseses.

New aviation kitchen profession publicity aviation commerce, aA kitchen center under ensign the business enterprise ¢w ¢w Singapore airport terminus meal service company operate the management, Singapore airport terminus meal service company produce department The Manager wood gold the continent point out, the now new ¯e have two aAs the kitchen totally at the proper airport of ?I, supply 41 airline companies the in the air the meals, everyday meal count and reach 6 ten thousand 1 thousand, aA kitchen team and raw material handle system, food handle and kitchen remainder get throw away to wait for the equipments technical all the ?A reside the world, and provide the long glory aviation aA of Taiwan kitchen the technical cooperation and support.

The new aviation kitchen has the chef and cook of over 270s totally, the all new aA kitchen recruit Italy, Germany, India, middle east, Japan etc. over tenses cook, characteristic taste meals of place of cooking, the chinese chef wood ‥E °] say, the sea south chicken food boil with the square ?o of private savings ¯μ however, a chicken make 4 mealses only, everyday have 3000 travellers the check at least, the 3A receive the traveller the good opinion.

The emphasis stick the new ¯e that heart serve, also just establish the around the directions service center for A§ 1J guest member, this service center fall in the the stanza road of convenient and black transportation hundred benefit Rc shopping centreses, provide the ticket to purchase, the service data find out more, reserve, fly the voyage μ{ to change, passenger compartment seat choice, the mileage accumulate to exchange, ticket °h fee etc. service, did not hand the member of movement Lee to still can check in in advance here.

In addition, the new ¯e rise from the bottom of last year also beginning to repair the world every locality V.I.P room, the all new V.I.P room of proper airport of ?I share the ground 3 ten thousand square footseses, the inner part have a brand-new look, grounds such as London, Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco, Osaka and Seoul etc. also have made change continuously new pack, total investment the amount of money reach 1 thousand 3 million new currencieseseseses.
Sky Catering is SIA's new Catering department opening in Singapore to make meals for SIA itself, not relying on some other caterer.

I will try and get confirmation from SIA.

Seems SIA is trying to follow the Lufthansa Skychefs!
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RE: SIA Launches SkyCatering

Sun Aug 19, 2001 7:59 am

Exactly, this is nothing special. Continental has their own catering division (I think its Chelsea but may be wrong) and personally I feel most of Continentals food sucks. So SQ was NOT the first to come up with idea, sorry.
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RE: SIA Launches SkyCatering

Sun Aug 19, 2001 10:07 am

C'mon guys give yourself a BREAK! What's wrong with ppl posting informative posts on Clearly if you're not interested just skip it! There's no point attacking someone because of that...

Singapore_Air, just ignore these otherwise-have-nothing-to-do people...

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RE: SIA Launches SkyCatering

Sun Aug 19, 2001 4:27 pm

Adam84: Please read my post correctly:

"Seems SIA is trying to follow the Lufthansa Skychefs!"
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RE: SIA Launches SkyCatering

Sun Aug 19, 2001 4:54 pm

What happened to the planned flight kitchen being setup by SQ and a Pakistani partner in Karachi Confused
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RE: SIA Launches SkyCatering

Sun Aug 19, 2001 5:50 pm

Give Singapore_air a freakin break!
He is informing us and not saying "SQ is the FIRST to introduce this"...
you dont have to turn this into some sort of competition okay?

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