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Most Gates

Wed Jun 23, 1999 12:07 pm

Does anyone know which airport has the most gates, and how many?
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MY Guess Atlanta

Wed Jun 23, 1999 12:36 pm

I think Atlanta has a little over 130.

RE: MY Guess Atlanta

Wed Jun 23, 1999 2:33 pm

My guess is Chicago O'Hare. Since it has the most flights, it would make sense for it to also have the most gates. Here is my count from a terminal diagram:

TerminalAirlinesGate Count
1UA, LH Dep't.52
3AA, CP, DL70
5All non-Canada Int'l Arrivals, non-Canada Int'l Airlines except LH Dep'ts21
2Everything Else29
Total Airport172
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Wed Jun 23, 1999 2:40 pm

what about detroit with all the proposed gates with the new expansion? Probably still wont be the most but will put them right up there.