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Emery's Tail Logo

Wed Jun 23, 1999 10:45 pm

I've noticed alot that on Emery's tail Logo the Consolidated Freightways (CF) has been taken off. Does anybody know why? As far as I know CF still owns Emery but there is just white paint were the CF was on the tail.
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RE: Emery's Tail Logo

Thu Jun 24, 1999 12:39 am

I believe they are being replaced by CF's new logo, which is CNF. The letters are also stylized differently. The "new" DC10s have this logo already.
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RE: Emery's Tail Logo

Sun Jun 27, 1999 2:46 pm

CF split in to two companies a while back. One was CNF, which consists of Emery, Con Way Express and a few other companies. CF is not part of CNF, hence the change to the logo on the tail.