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Gulf Air Took Off Upon Landing

Tue Aug 21, 2001 3:02 pm

Do any of you guys or girls have information on a Gulf Air (SYD-MEL-SIN) that took off after landing in Melbourne approximately 6 months ago? I had a friend on that flight and he told me that the plane landed and did not slow down, and then took off again in melbourne. Does anyone know what was the reason ? I believe it was an A340.
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RE: Gulf Air Took Off Upon Landing

Tue Aug 21, 2001 3:18 pm

Touch-n-go, maybe?

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RE: Gulf Air Took Off Upon Landing

Tue Aug 21, 2001 6:48 pm

Flashey pilot !!
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RE: Gulf Air Took Off Upon Landing

Tue Aug 21, 2001 6:50 pm

Maybe there was another plane on the runway. Last November when I was landing in LHR on a BA B777 we almost touched down then we took off, the reason given was that the airplane that had landed before us hadn't cleared the runway in time.
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RE: Gulf Air Took Off Upon Landing

Tue Aug 21, 2001 9:35 pm

Folk, if there had been another plane, they wouldn't have done a touch n go, they'd have pulled up earlier. I don't believe in a flashy pilot (although I have had my experiences........ > Smile/happy/getting dizzy ). Normally there could only be a reason such as a late tocuh down (like when the captain for whatever reason can't touch down on the beginning of the runway but half way down to the end) or if something suddenly appears on the RWY (like a bird) that can only be avoided by getting off ground again. You'd have to be fairly fast to do that though.
I have heard of two incidences where A320 aircraft couldn't use their brakes, because the computer wouldn't let the pilot do it due to aquaplanning in the one case and a broken detector on the wheels the other time (320 used to only allow the pilot to use the brakes when the wheels are turning). Maybe it was something like that.
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RE: Gulf Air Took Off Upon Landing

Wed Aug 22, 2001 4:55 am

Agree with DLL10- pilot probably came in too high and touched down too far down with insufficient runway left. Saw the same thing happen to a Korean Air 747-300 in SYD many years ago... it happens.

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