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The Rise And Fall Of TWA

Thu Jun 24, 1999 7:22 am

Obviously TWA has seen better days. I have often heard of their suffereing under the leadership of Carl Icahn. Can anyone tell me what he did?

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RE: The Rise And Fall Of TWA

Thu Jun 24, 1999 10:43 am

Oh boy here I go pull up a chair
Carl Icahn was in it for him self. He is/was the biggest problem twa has ever suffered (even greater than the Midwestern). He sold all of twa routs into lhr ex.
lax-lhr,philly-lhr,jfk-lhr, ord-lhr and any where eles to lhr! he sold all the route to AA. theses were all of twa big money routes
2. he sold some/all of twa 747sp to guess who AA
3. by doing all of that he hurt the company very badly money wise they where in so much debt the need to fly to 44,000 ft to see the top!
4. he pocketed all this money and fled like the little wimp he was/is
5. he's done more with labor, selling hubs away, selling aircraft, routes (besides lhr)

Now what i think is twa may be trying to attack AA seeing how AA was a partner in screwing twa out of lhr, planes and other

this is what ive heard and read if IM wrong pls tell me if you know more please tell me if you see Carl Icahn HIT HIM
Twa747100--->On a flight to ??
and if there is any old twa cpt. out there tell me what eles he did
Long live the 767