Dishonest Airline Webpages

Fri Aug 24, 2001 9:12 pm

Sorry to gripe but I have noticed this happening lately and it is getting annoying.

On some airline home pages when you look into reservations it pairs together its most awful flights and only offers you those.

But if I go to or I see a far greater range of flight offers that the same airline was trying hard to make seem like it didnt exist on their own webpage.

NOT ALL airlines are like this but

DELTA especially seems to want me to get on its awful multi stop (leave west coast 6am finnally reach east coast at 10 pm?!)  Sad

I know that I can do the alternate search and search by schedule but it raises the price and makes me pay more for a flight I can get by not even going to their home page to begin with.

AA has been like that too.

Nothing against either airline but I hate it when you are using STATE OF THE ART COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY and they use it to give you LESS info than if you just picked up the phone and called them. Thats not progress, its grocery store business and "trying to sell off the bad apples" to customers to get rid of it so they offer it first.