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We Are About To Crash - Only Joking!

Sun Aug 26, 2001 4:53 am


Now we all know the constant threat of a mid-air emergency - however how would you react if it was to really happen? Maybe you would shout, make a lot of noise and run around going mad or would you sit still and prey? Well the truth is noone knows how they will react until it actually happens - this is why some airlines run tests. I know someone who hates flying however has to fly with their job. The flight was going well (im not sure which airline it was with) then about 1/2 was across the Atlantic the piolt announces that the plane is loosing height and all the oxygen masks come down - after about 10 minutes of scaring every passenger like crazy the pilot says - Thanks -you have just taken part in an excersise to see how humams react when told there palne is about to crash!!

I think this is very bad - imagine there was someone who had a heart condition or really hated flying - Have you ever had a experience like this - if yes what happended - what was the airline?, where were you going? Did you get any componsation?