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FedEx Hub At GSO

Fri Jun 25, 1999 9:18 am

Does anybody have an idea of what routes and aircraft FedEx will use at their hub in Greensboro, NC (GSO) when it becomes operational?
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RE: FedEx Hub At GSO

Fri Jun 25, 1999 11:59 am

No facts but probably A-300's and 310's and 727's possibly a dc-10 or md-11 and serve the the corridor from New York to Florida and out to Memphis.
Oh Yeah forgot the caravans and the F-27's
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RE: FedEx Hub At GSO

Fri Jun 25, 1999 2:07 pm

Don't hold your breath in anticipation of the Fedex hub. Last week a Fedex spokesman here said that they were delaying the opening of the hub to 2005. He said that they were reorganizing their expansion schedule, or something to that effect. The gossip among town is that they're quietly looking at other sites other than GSO. But that's only gossip so far. One issue that has come about in recent months to cloud the "euphoria" of the Fedex hub is a serious water shortage problem here is GSO. The water supply isn't the greatest, and the planned expansion may not be able to be supported by the city's water system. A new dam project is on the table, but still in the planning stages. That'll improve the situation here, but its feasibility has yet to be solidly affirmed. We think that Fedex's delay announcement may have something to do with that - but that's not official. I've digressed, but it just goes to show the close relationship between airports and the towns they serve. Neither is independent of the other. I'm still rabidly anti-Fedex myself (I went to work again this summer as a ground crewsman for UPS Airlines - Fedex's biggest competitor - here in GSO).