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US A321 Transcon Service

Mon Aug 27, 2001 6:50 am

Hey there, I'll be flying on US 321's from PHL to LAX and back next month. It'll be my first A321 flight, so I'm pretty excited. Are they nice planes? How is US AIrways' service on transcon flights? I flew them several times before, the longest flight being MSY-PIT, and I was generally pleased with the service and the comfort of the aircraft. Do the 321's have PTV's or flip down screens? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: US A321 Transcon Service

Mon Aug 27, 2001 7:25 am


I took US Airways to go to PHL and then off to BRU (Brussels, Belgium). On the flight to PHL, service was very good. The flight attendants were very nice. And, of course, the service to BRU and back to PHL was very good as well.

I have never been on the Airbus A321, but I know that they are comfortable aircraft. I do not think that the A321 has PTVs. I am sure that you will enjoy this aircraft and the service that US Airways provides. In fact, I was so pleased with US Airways when I went to BRU that I have made them my favorite airline!

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Not Knowing, I Hesitiate To Respond

Mon Aug 27, 2001 7:29 am

Well, read my subject line.

BUT- I believe that ALL of USAir's A320 series planes have the flip down screens. You can see them in pictures on this website. Now, as soon as I say that, someone will come on here and say, "No they don't, idiot, that's the DC-9." That happened last time I said something like this.

Anyhow, I think people on this site generally like US. The A321 is supposed to be a nice airplane, however all I have flown is the 320.

Give us a trip report when you get back. I will be interested, as I am flying Dallas-Philly-ROME on USAir in September myself.


RE: US A321 Transcon Service

Mon Aug 27, 2001 7:43 am


I know that the aircraft you take for Rome will be the A330. My plane to BRU came at the SAME gate as that plane left. Gate A7.

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RE: US A321 Transcon Service

Mon Aug 27, 2001 8:12 am

I have flown on the A321s transcon from Philly and the service (as with transcons on most major domestic carriers) is pretty good. It is much better than that on shorter flights, but not as good as on the overseas flights to Europe. If you are lucky enough to be flying in 1st class, it is very nice service.

The US Airways A321s are nice flying planes with comfortable seats. The A321s have flipdown screens just like the A319s and A320s. If you have a laptop, they also have power ports at ALL seats (both 1st class and coach) but you need to obtain an adapter if you plan to use these. [US has put power ports in the armrest of all seats in their new Airbus aircraft. This includes the A319s, A320s, A321s and A330s.]

Have fun.
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RE: US A321 Transcon Service

Mon Aug 27, 2001 8:26 am

I flew the A321 on PHL-MCO this summer. It was a BRAND NEW plane (two days old) and there were only 14 passengers on the whole thing!! So we were all upgraded to first class and, needless to say, that was the best flight I have ever had. (No meal service though since it was a really late flight, I did get 3 full cans of coke and unlimited snack mix though  Smile we arrived at 1AM) You wont be disappointed! And yes, it has the flip down TV's, no PTV's.

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RE: US A321 Transcon Service

Mon Aug 27, 2001 8:35 am

I will be flying on a USAirways A321 from Pittsburgh to San Diego on Friday. Once I get back to Columbus I'll post a trip report.