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Atct And Other ATC Visits

Wed Aug 29, 2001 1:51 am

Are ATCT visits allowed? I went into the MSY and IAH towers, but I tried to go get a tour of the one at SAT and they said that it was against FAA rules. But, SAT is Class C Airspace, could this make a difference. Then, I talked to a TRACON guy at AUS and he said that it is legal. So is it legal or is it illegal??

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RE: Atct And Other ATC Visits

Wed Aug 29, 2001 5:49 am

It's legal, just call them up and ask. Some probably won't want you to, but most would probably be willing.  Big thumbs up
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RE: Atct And Other ATC Visits

Wed Aug 29, 2001 5:52 am

control tower tours are not against FAR's. Most student pilos should get a tour of he ATCT o see how it is up there. If your a pilot, you can easily go up to the tower. Just call them and ask. If yu're at an airport layover, just call them up on the phone and ask and you can possibly go up.


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