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Thu Aug 30, 2001 12:28 am

Today ElAl doesn't fly from Stockholm, Arlanda. Simply because there are no market. They don't even fly from CPH. But why did they give up ARN-TLV in the first place? I've heard, perhaps a rumour, that ARN didn't want them due to their "heavy" security checks prior to departure.

Is this really true and if so, is there any other airports around the world that have acted in the same way?
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Thu Aug 30, 2001 12:55 am


Over the 90's LY dropped the route to ARN several times because of security reasons, but in 1997, LY returned to ARN with a weekly nonstop flight (LY373) and another one via HEL (LY375/373).
In the winter of 2000 the airline dropped the route again as a lack of demend, but on the summer of 2000, LY returned once again to ARN for the Summer time, operating 2 weekly, nonstop, 757s flights.

Then, in the end of Summer 2000, the Intifada had started and tourism to Israel had declined, LY dropped ARN & HEL, but it did continue it services to CPH.
Today, the route to CPH is being operated twice a week with anything between the 742 to the 757.

The airline did say that this route would be dropped on September, but it doesnt look this way, it seems like LY will stay at CPH.

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Thu Aug 30, 2001 2:00 am


I dont rememeber who, but someone said that ELAL pasy for all the security at all the aiports they serve...actually thats not all true.
of course elal pays for their security, but for all the destinations they serve the country they fly to is responsible for the security of their airports for ELAL.
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Thu Aug 30, 2001 3:03 am

No El Al will not stay at CPH  Sad

Today they operated the last schedule flight to CPH after 34 years of service...

Hope to see them back in the future!!!

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Thu Aug 30, 2001 4:35 am

Im so sorry, But it seems like SAS767 is correct,
I checked it once again, and yes, El Al Israel Airlines, after 34 years in Copenhagen, Had left CPH for the last time.... Thats really sad.