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UA Adding Third Daily MIA-DEN; AA FLL-CCS

Thu Aug 30, 2001 5:55 am

UA will add a third-daily MIA-DEN flight something early next year. I'm way too lazy to go and find the exact date, but the flight will operate at least as of December 1st of this year. As a result, however, the current 772(international) and A320 used on the MIA-DEN route and the A320 and 733 used on the DEN-MIA route will be replaced by a 763 (international configured; the 772 will do MIA-SFO), 733 and A319 to DEN and A319 and a pair of 733s on the way back. AA, will suspend it's second daily MIA-DEN next week but will bring it back, again, I don't have the exact date, but the flight is on the scheds for January 1, 2002 (but it's not on the sched for December 1, 2001, so it's coming back sometime in December). Also, not on the scheds yet, but AA is susposed to start daily 738 service between FLL and CCS on December 15th.
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RE: UA Adding Third Daily MIA-DEN; AA FLL-CCS

Thu Aug 30, 2001 6:19 am

Interesting..........thanks for info.

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