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Rear-mounted Engines And Safety

Thu Aug 30, 2001 1:33 pm

I recently read an NTSB report from 1996 about a DL MD-88 that experienced a serious engine failure, causing structural damage to the aft part of the fuselage and fatally injuring two passengers sitting in row 37 (2nd to last row).

While the cause of the accident was determined to be a fatigue crack that went un-noticed by maintenance, I couldn't help but think that two lives would have been spared had they simply chosen to sit elsewhere.

Does anyone have any comments about the safety of the aft-most seats in a rear-engine jet such as the Super 80? While the event of an engine failure similar to that of DL flight 1288 is extremely unlikely, you can't help but think that the last place you would like to be is with your face 5-ft from an engine producing 20,000 lb of thrust.

It seems that these seats would better be replaced by a galley or something that doesn't place people so close to the engine.


NTSB report: