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Boeing 747 Concepts

Fri Aug 31, 2001 3:03 pm

First, I just wanted to say hi to everyone as I am a new member of the forums.

Secondly, I just wanted to know if anyone knew where I could find some of the concepts that boeing developed when designing the 747. I remember watching something about it on the Discovery Channel when they were dedicating the show on the development of the Airbus A380. I heard that the 747 was initially developed as a Cargo Carrier and that the hump was created because many companies wanted the abilitity of unloading cargo from the nose of the aircraft. In order to achieve that, they had to raise the flight deck thus creating the infamous hump that we all know and love about the 747. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: Boeing 747 Concepts

Fri Aug 31, 2001 5:36 pm

Well, welcome to the forrum!!

It's true that B747 was actually designed as a cargo transport, in fact the design was derived form the USAF tender for large jet transport (which was won by Lockheed and its C5 Galaxy).

I'm not sure about the hump and the forward nise cargo though....

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RE: Boeing 747 Concepts

Fri Aug 31, 2001 6:09 pm

You are right. The USAF asked for bids for a large transport plane in the mid-60's. Lockheed submitted the C-5, and Boeing the 747. The Lockheed won mainly because of its floor level being lower to the ground making loading-unloading easier. Both planes were required to have front and/or rear loading doors for straight-in loading, and both needed to have room behind the cockpit for 15-20 people without encroaching on the cargo spaces. Both Lockheed and Boeing had contingency plans to convert to passenger use if their bids lost.

Imagine - we could have seen passenger configured C-5's!

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RE: Boeing 747 Concepts

Sat Sep 01, 2001 12:51 am

When the dust on the CX programme settled, with Lockheed the surprise winner with the C5, Boeing turned it's attention to a large passenger transport.
But they were not confident that way was correct, after all, they were designing the huge B2707 Mach 2.7 SST, this was seen as the future.
As insurance, Boeing designed the 747 with it's famous 'hump' containing the flight deck and some pax capacity. If the B2707 and other SST's became the mainstay of long-range passenger travel, at least overwater, the 747 would be easy to convert to freighter use, both as a new production model and for former passenger aircraft.
Things didn't turn out that way of course, and the 747 went on to become the mainstay of the world's airlines, with that now easy freighter conversion as a nice sideline.
Going back to the late 60's and early 70's, Lockheed did propose passenger versions of the C5 to zero interest from airlines. Also there was no interest for the planned L500 civil C5 variant .