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A320's Computer

Sat Sep 01, 2001 8:44 am

What's the deal with the A320's computer? I was reading about the post over the Replacement of Spirit's MD-80's, and SegmentKing said something about an A320 crashing at an airshow due to the fact that the computer wouldn't let the pilot do a go around. I've heard other things like this, too. I was wondering, though, with the AA incident at DFW, and the A320's computer set to not allow the pilot to strike the tail of the fuselage, what if it was an A320 in the F100's place. Would the computer not have let the pilot do the hard rotation?
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RE: A320's Computer

Sat Sep 01, 2001 9:00 am

Just to clarify, the Airshow accident was not the computer's fault, the computer (alpha floor) function was not even activated during the pass. It was squarely crew error.

The 320 did have a bunch of accidents early in it's life, just because the air crews did not have enought experience with the equipment to fly it safely.

The B727 was in a similar situation when it first came out. Because of the advanced high lift device systems on the plane, it could develop a high sink rate that was difficult to arrest if the plane was not flown "by the book". This caused several 727 accidents on final approach. After airline crews learned to handle it, the plane became a blockbuster seller, much like the 320 story.

I doubt that there is any inherent problem with the 320 fbw system, otherwise I think we'd see many more 320s falling from the sky.

Just my 2c