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Why No NRT-KIX Flights?

Sat Sep 01, 2001 11:33 am

Correct me if I am wrong, but I checked and there are no NARITA-KANSAI flights.

All flights to KIX are from HND (HANEDA)
All flights to NRT are from Itami

Why ?????????
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RE: Why No NRT-KIX Flights?

Sat Sep 01, 2001 11:51 am

Because It's Japan.
I think it has something to do with what the passengers want. Like how there are a lot more flights in and out of LGA airport, and JFK is a lot less crowded, but there is no international presence at LGA, and there is little domestic service from JFK. So the local traffic is happier to fly HNDKIX and International arrivals will just have to take the train.
Also isn't NRT supposed to be almost entirely international and HND almost entirely domestic?

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RE: Why No NRT-KIX Flights?

Sat Sep 01, 2001 11:59 am

Connecting from NRT to a domestic flight in Japan is such a pain. You have to go to HND because NRT has very little international flights. That's why I always pick KIX to fly into Japan.

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RE: Why No NRT-KIX Flights?

Sat Sep 01, 2001 12:20 pm

Well, since both NRT and KIX are secondary, mostly international airports, there really isn't much in the way of O&D traffic to begin with. Plus, when one adds in the fact that both airports have adequate international connections to get someone practically anywhere in the world without having to fly to the other airport to connect also negates the connecting traffic factor.

Also, the excellent train system that Japan also reduces the need for connections between the two points.

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RE: Why No NRT-KIX Flights?

Sat Sep 01, 2001 12:23 pm

NRT has only one runway due to some farmers. Therefore it is VERY heavily used by International flights using jumbo jest. Therefore they do not give up slots to smaller domestic flights. Just too many planes for the capacity. It is a REAL pain going domestic in Japan Tonky. KIX has more domestic connections but they are generally not good for connections to US airlines like US or NW. Itami in Osaka is reached by a bus but depending on traffic can be long. Handea to NRT can be HOURS. NRT plans on a second runway, but doubt they will add domestic flights. They use to have (All Nippon) flights to Itami, but I think no more.
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RE: Why No NRT-KIX Flights?

Sat Sep 01, 2001 12:26 pm

"...NRT plans on a second runway..."

I think second runways is a definite go. OZ was recently awarded with 21 (?) slots at NRT when the new runway is opened.
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RE: Why No NRT-KIX Flights?

Sat Sep 01, 2001 1:53 pm

Narita and Kansai are both international gateways while Haneda and Itami are the domestic airports. Si if you wanna fly between Tokyo and Osaka, you will fly HND-ITM iso NRT-KIX.

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RE: Why No NRT-KIX Flights?

Sat Sep 01, 2001 2:35 pm

NRT's 2nd runway will be open next year, which will be used for narrow-bodies. But this also means that it gives NRT to add more frequencies.

Also, Tokyo Government has decided that Haneda will become a International airport once again, with international flights are allowed to land and depart between 2300hrs to 0600hrs the next day.
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RE: Why No NRT-KIX Flights?

Sat Sep 01, 2001 11:29 pm

They will also be able to use B767's on the new runway at NRT. And yes, NRT and KIX are international airports.


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