Interesting Comment About Airline Uniforms

Sat Sep 01, 2001 2:29 pm

A Taiwan's morning program host in UFO Radio has made a comment about airline uniforms this past monday when she was talking about uniform in Taiwan's company.

The comments are...

Singapore Airlines: The uniform shows their thigh, and in chinese term, sometimes you can see what they're wearing inside the uniform, if you look at it carefully.

China Airlines: The chinese dress makes me worried. Especially when they're stooping to serve passengers meals. Sometimes you can see them directly.

EVA Air: Nice and neat. The suitable dress for flight attendant.

Now, I'm not being a slut or something else. I just thought it was interesting about the comments. Especially from a woman's view. She said that the designer who design uniforms are all male. They don't usually trying to design the uniform in women's point of view.

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RE: Interesting Comment About Airline Uniforms

Sat Sep 01, 2001 3:14 pm

I really like the Singapore Airlines and China Airline uniform.
They seem quite suitable, and I also like the EVA Air.
All three are nice, though my mother says that she thinks EVA Air's uniform looks "cheap"

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