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New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 12:15 am

A new airline called Crystal Airways will start service (No, I don't know when) from Tampa. They will also have flights out of BWI to SEA, SAN, and MSP. It's focused toward businiess travelers. Their airport lounge will be FREE to all passengers, they serve FREE Filet Mingon or Chicken Kiev among other entrees on flights over 3 hours, "on-demand" PTV's in every seat!(remember, they're a domestic airline!!), internet in every seat, fax machines available on board, 2 conference rooms on board, first class seating throughout, and an f/a-passenger ratio of 1:15! And to top it all off, they aren't outrageosly expensive.

So..... how about that? Great or what? Check out their website at

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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 12:21 am

Good ideas, dumb routes. Flying from Tampa to Hartford? A buisness route? Funny (yes, though, I know of it's proximity to NYC, but it's not that close).

RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 12:32 am

We ( forum members) called this guy up a while ago about investing, and his 4-5 year old son picked up the phone and said 'Daddy who is it?'. LOL!
This must have been a good 2 years ago, I can not remember who called him, I got the number but did not have the balls!
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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 12:34 am


757s configured to only seat 92 people? Looks like Crystal might beat out Legend for shortest time in the air for a high-end airline. That is, if they ever get off the ground...investors may be few and far between.

It's a great premise....but nobody can make it work, especially now when the economy has gone to crap and the industry is posting nothing but losses (except for Southwest, AirTran, and Continental....two of which are DISCOUNT airlines).

Sorry to sound so bleak and negative, but this industry is littered with the carcasses of start ups, especially those that promised a "first class product" at an "affordable fare". Best of luck Crystal, you're gonna need it.

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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 1:13 am

The thread that Iain is referring to is as follows:

Note that I (BizJet) am Fly US Airways. I changed my name a while ago due to a lost password and changed e-mail address.

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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 1:33 am

Have they been granted permission to use the Boeing stripe theme like that?
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Sun Sep 02, 2001 4:57 am

this is a hoax. that site has been up for 5 years. and TPA does not have the room.

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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 5:13 am

Hoax, dream, fiction, the business model will never fly.

People want cheap service (= cramped airplane), the economics of the industry. Anyone can put up a website.

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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 6:27 am


The seats of Crystal Class are similar than the Delta's Business Elite.

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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 11:16 am

I think someone built that website for an entreprenuership class and forgot to take it down when class was done


Sun Sep 02, 2001 12:22 pm

Probably a hoax, i agree. but tpa HAS the room, two airsides unused and i read in air transport world a few years back that they have the land necessary to virtually duplicate the current terminal/airside complex where the current cargo are is. tpa would be a good hub for an airline with the right a/c & business paln.
it has the second largest latin population in fla and a noticeable lack of latin connections.
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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 12:31 pm

CX747 (in the previous thread) said something about the hub being in Detroit?? ROFLMAO!! NW has THE presence at DTW, and DET is kinda not suited for such an operation.. Oh yes.. Speaking of DET, Proair says they have their operating certificate back.. Anyone know anything??

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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 1:04 pm

My 4-year-old nephew could probably come up with a better business plan than this bombshell.

RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 1:23 pm

Does anyone know when their first flight will be? I want to be on their first flight. This looks like a very good airline and I think everyone will want to fly them because of the nice seats and the nice food.
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RE: New Airline/TPA Hub

Sun Sep 02, 2001 2:42 pm

Dear CrashLanding:

I understand they had nice food on the Hindenburg too.

Seriously...I think (and let me emphasize that this is strictly my OPINION and is not based in fact) that this whole thing is something of a scam to scarf up some investment bucks from someone who does not know any better.

An investor who says something like "Gee, I ought to throw a few thou in this, it'll probably be successful because they have nice seats and nice food."

Would really like to know the transportation industry background of the Pres/CEO/Founder.....the one whose kid answers his business telephone  Smile/happy/getting dizzy.

My guess is former owner of a failed travel agency.