Florida West?

Sun Sep 02, 2001 9:52 am

Could someone please give me a little info about this carrier, or soon to be carrier? I read that they are going to receive a B767-300ER? From where?

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RE: Florida West?

Sun Sep 02, 2001 10:08 am

Is that the same as Floridian Air Western?  Big grin
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RE: Florida West?

Sun Sep 02, 2001 12:28 pm

Is it possibly the cargo carrier resurrected?
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RE: Florida West?

Sun Sep 02, 2001 12:37 pm

Yes, FLorida West is the Cargo carrier resurrected.
Actually the name is South Florida Intl Airways. The
people who ran Florida West into bankruptcy restarted
as SFIA with operating name of Florida West. Lan Chile
now has a controlling interest in this company hence
the B767-300ER..actually I believe it will be a
B767-300ERF(Freighter) as as far as I know they only
operate cargo flights. This may be the same B767F
that MAS Air of Mexico is getting as they are also
owned by Lan Chile, hence the aircraft can be split
between the 2 carriers.
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