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Saab 340 V B-26

Sun Sep 02, 2001 2:31 pm

This afternoon I looked up from my backyard and saw a NWA Saab 340 heading into DTW. For some reason the thought came into my head that it must have been what it was like to look up and see a B-26. So I did a comparison

Saab 340 / B-26
wingspan 70 feet / 65 feet
length 64 feet / 56feet
height 22 feet / 19feet
empty wt 17,000 lbs / 21,000lbs
full wt 27,000 lbs / 32,000lbs
engines 1750hp x 2 / 1850hp x 2

So next time you see a Saab 340 think B-26!!
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RE: Saab 340 V B-26

Sun Sep 02, 2001 2:41 pm

 Wink/being sarcastic Nice thought. You're sure you mean Martin B-26 & not a North American B-25? I flew Saab 340s as a passenger & the aircraft, more or less, reminds me of a Convair 580. Regards.
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RE: Saab 340 V B-26

Tue Sep 04, 2001 12:59 pm

are you referring to the Martin B-26 Marauder, or the Douglas B-26? Both were twin engine radial engine powered light to medium bombers. The Martin aircraft was used during WWII in large numbers but production was stopped because the aircraft was difficult to fly. Douglas then produced the B-26 later during the war but it stayed in the USAF inventory for many years, and was used in Vietnam. B-26 is one of the few if not the only designations used for two completely different aircraft.