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Airliner Model Kits

Sun Jun 27, 1999 1:17 am

Hi everybody,
Does anyone in this forum builds or collects airliner model kits? I do. I absolutely enjoy that. I have in my appartment a few models, some of them at scale 1/144 which include an American 727-200, a Braniff 727-100, a Piedmont 737-200, a Sabena A310 in old colors, a BOAC VC-10 and a United 767-300 in old colors, just to name a few. I'm currently working on an SAS DC-6. Others at 1/200 include an Alaska 727-200 in old colors, a Delta 767-200, a United DC-10, a Singapore 747-200, a Flying Tigers 747-200F and an American MD-11. I made an American 767-200 at 1/100 a few years ago.
I have a lot of pleasure collecting airliners, I've always enjoyed travelling, spotting planes, spending time at airports around the world...sometimes I go to airline collectible shows, there was one last year here in Belgium. In our family we have always traveled a lot, that's how I fell in love with civil aviation. I think it's fun.

Ben Soriano
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Ben Soriano
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RE: Airliner Model Kits

Sun Jun 27, 1999 5:39 am

I´m a modeller also! I concentrate to civil airliners only and it´s fun. We don´t have too many modellers interested in airliners here in Finland so it´s nice to hear that there are others also! I got maybe a hundred unmade kits at the moment and as I´m not a very quick builder I´ll be building them for ever...At the moment I´m building an airfix Trident and caravelle, both in 1/144.
Any others beside Ben and me?

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RE: Airliner Model Kits

Sun Jun 27, 1999 7:06 am

I like to build models of past airlines and especially the rare ones in the fleet. For example, I built an Air Florida 727-200 in 1/144 scale (The only one I know of in existence) I used several Air Florida 737-200 decals to build it. I also have an Eastern DC-10, Capitol DC-8 and DC-10 and about 40 others too numerous too mention. I am presently working on an Eastern L1011 with an open cabin so the seats and lower galley are visible.

RE: Airliner Model Kits

Sun Jun 27, 1999 12:23 pm

I also collect airliner models and airlienrs only! I collect Hasegawa 1/200, Doyusha 1/144, Revell 1/144, Dragon wings (diecast) 1/400.

My plastic collection list:

1. 777-200 demonstrator
2. united airlines 747-200 (rare kit!)
3. united airlines 777-200
4. Finnair Md-11 Sata clus
5. EVA 747-400 (generic kit)
6. ANA L1011
7. JAL Dc-10-40
8. QANTAS 747-400
9. Virgin Atlantic 747-400
10. Alatalia DC-10-30 (rare kit!)
11. ANA 747-100SR (Rare kit!)
12. Thai 777-200
13. JAS 777-200 rainbow
14. ANA 777-300 specail colorus
15. QANTAS 767-300
16. ANA 747-400D
17. Air New Zealand 747-400 (generic kit)
18. Air France 747-400
19. Air France 777-200
20. Lauda 777-200

Revell 1/144

1. Lufthansa A340-300
2. LTU A330-300
3. BA 747-400

Doyusha 1/144

1. ANA 777-200
2. JAL 777-200

Doyusha 1/100

1. JAL 747-100 super resort express (this model is 70cm long!!!)

I have over 80 dragon wings too!