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AA At Orly?

Sun Jun 27, 1999 2:15 am

Is American still at Orly? I though I read somewhere a while back that they were going over to CDG soon.

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RE: AA At Orly?

Sun Jun 27, 1999 2:40 am

At this moment, AA does go to Orly. Earlier this week, in the Boston Globe, there was an article about an American 767-200 BOS-Orly that was delayed 24 hours.


RE: AA At Orly?

Sun Jun 27, 1999 5:19 am

AA will be at Orly until later this year, I think October or November.

RE: AA At Orly?

Sun Jun 27, 1999 10:55 am

A couple of months ago there were discussions to displace all of ORY intercontinental flights to CDG. I have not heard anything since. IJ was quite angry because they were kinda building a hub there, especially since Oneworld has formed with AA and BA's traffic. Some were accusing the government to help AF by impeding IJ development. I do notknow what the final decision is but AF is supposed to move all it's intercontinental flights to CDG anyways in few years from now.
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RE: AA At Orly?

Sun Jun 27, 1999 11:13 am

The Paris airports situation is a nightmare - nearly all French domestic flights (the Air Inter network) are from Orly and since virtually all international flights (apart from a few US carriers) are to CDG, if you are flying to anywhere in France other than Paris you have to endure a mind-numbing hour in bad traffic on Paris' answer to London's M25, the "Peripherique". It really sucks...although at the end of one such hellish ride to Orly, I found one of the last Air Inter Caravelles waiting for me, which understandably made things look a lot better.
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Inter. To Domestic

Mon Jun 28, 1999 5:48 am

Things have changed !

You can have a transfert in CDG to pore then 75 % destinations in France !!