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The Best Way To Thank The Crew?

Thu Sep 06, 2001 6:05 am

I recently took a cockpit visit while on Qantas and now that I'm home, I wanted to send one of the crews a THANK YOU card and perhaps a bottle of wine.

I know that date and flight number as well as the route that we rode in on. I also know their first names.

Now, if you were in my shoes, would you send that to them in care of Customer Service? Or are their any QF employees out there that can email me (address in profile) or post here and point in in the right direction?

I appreciate your guidance.

thanks, Mirrodie
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RE: The Best Way To Thank The Crew?

Thu Sep 06, 2001 10:11 am

Well, in a restaurant or taxi you would tip 10% of the fare right?

I would suggest 10-15% of your airfare as a rough guide.
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RE: The Best Way To Thank The Crew?

Thu Sep 06, 2001 10:18 am

Normally, airlines will not give out personal information about their employees... however, due to the nature of your wanting to contact them. Perhaps calling the Qantas office is the best way to go. I wouldn't call Customer Service, but rather, see if you can find the number of the corporate office, or a management facility. This info might be available on their website... but I'm not sure. Tell them why you wish to contact them, and ask if there is a way you can ship a package to them through the airline. You would never get their address, and be able to send it directly to their house, but you might be able to get the airline to get it to them.
When you call simply say something like...
I was recently on flight #xxx. During this flight I was allowed a flight deck visit where the crew were very firendly.. blah, blah, blah. Then tell them that you would like to send them a bottle of wine as a thank you, for your visit.

Best of Luck...
Let us know if you get it sorted out.
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RE: The Best Way To Thank The Crew?

Thu Sep 06, 2001 11:11 am

I think the best thing you could do is send the local maintenance crew a bottle of single malt scotch. They are 90% of the reason your trip was uneventful, and they are probably the most underappreciated bunch of people in the industry. They boys in blue get the glory, but the behind the scenes people get you there safely.