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Alcohol Effects In Flight

Mon Jun 28, 1999 1:38 am

This is from the Adria Airways In-Flight Magazine
(No. 1, 1999):

"We would like to draw you attention to the fact that alcohol has a more rapid and intense effect on the body during a flight because of the reduced air pressure."

I have never been drunk on board, but does anyone of you have this experience?

I seriously think I just creamed my pants without any influence from any outside variables.
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RE: Alcohol Effects In Flight

Mon Jun 28, 1999 2:46 am


I have never been "drunk" either, but alcohol does take effect more quickly at altitude. I have gotten "giddy" a few times and it feels good!!

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RE: Alcohol Effects In Flight

Mon Jun 28, 1999 4:13 am

On short distance flights I do not normally drink. I do however, drink on international flights and have had a few occaisions where I was a little past giddy, but not "drunk", I think. Actually I just get really really sleepy which is great for a transatlantic flight. One warning: don't drink Champagne. No matter how tempting it might be when offered free Champagne, the carbonation and alcohol create massive headaches. cheers!
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RE: Alcohol Effects In Flight

Mon Jun 28, 1999 1:09 pm

I'm flying around 15-25 RT's a year, on 75% of my flights I was drunk, not tipsy, not giddy but drunk. Always I'm starting at the airport bar so when I'm geting into my seat I'm tipsy, then is time for some heavy liquor.
I didnt drink only on United Express J32 because they dont have any service. I feel safe when I'm drunk hehehe

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RE: Alcohol Effects In Flight

Mon Jun 28, 1999 2:28 pm

Dufo, The Airline is right, the higher in
altitude you get the worse and drunk
faster do to the lack of oxygen in the
blood being transported to the brain.
I have seen a pilot one time take off
drunk and crash he is plane into the
side of a fence near the runway. He
rotated and then decided to come back
and swerve to the left into the taxi lights
and into the fence. The idot survived and
he was a doctor! Plane was worked and
the prop was bent do to the impact.
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RE: Alcohol Effects In Flight

Tue Jun 29, 1999 12:26 pm

Hi Dufo!

The experts say that having one alcoholic beverage
in an airplane, is the equivalent of 2 on the ground.
So, say you had 3 beers on a flight, it would feel
like you have had 6.

Take Care,

Richard (YVR)